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Download BoxBilling v4.18 Gratis Untuk Billing Domain dan Hosting anda

14 June 2015 - -

Launched BoxBilling v4.18 which entails all of the latest alterations and enhancements. Take a look at our changelog to peer what's new and believe free to upgrade:
  1. Choose TLDs without cost area registration on shared website hosting product
  2. Add grunt venture runner for builders (creates minified js and css files in admin_default theme)
  3. Updated Stripe cost gateway;
  4. Up-to-date Service box billing license module;
  5. Elevated batch paid invoice activation process;
  6. Up-to-date 2checkout cost adapter;
  7. Domain transfer option brought to `huraga` theme #327
  8. Up to date Paypal payment gateway to preclude 403 forbidden error on IPN request
  9. Added cellphone code filter;
  10. Various malicious program fixes and upgrades
Download here.

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